Taft celebrates students’ accomplishments with parade

Taft celebrates students’ accomplishments with parade

Students lined the halls of Taft Elementary School on Tuesday, December 20, 2022, with smiles as they cheered for each other's accomplishments during their first-ever Celebration Parade. 

“The reason we had this parade was to encourage students to cheer on their peers for their accomplishments,” said Christine Williams, principal of Taft Elementary School. 

The parade began with half of the school lining the halls, while the other half marched with their posters. Students clapped and cheered for each other. Then the students that were clapping grabbed their posters and the ones who just marched lined the halls. 

“I had a baseball and a gingerbread man on my poster,” said Elias Bailey, first grader at Taft Elementary School. “I really like playing baseball with my friends.” 

Teachers even participated in the parade. 

Nicole Cervone, first grade teacher, had a poster saying, “I am kind.” 

“This event was important for our students to see that they each have something to be proud of.  We want our students to focus on the positives and to know that we all have strengths, no matter our weaknesses,” said Williams. 

Students shared many accomplishments. One student was proud to be a good friend. Others shared their talents of drawing, singing and sports. Another student was proud that he loves school. 

Look for another parade at the end of the school year to see what other accomplishments students have made at Taft Elementary School! 

Teacher is tan shirt and student in red and white shirt walk hallway during celebration parade.